What’s the Difference Between Motorhomes – And Which Motorhome is Right for Me?

Are you shopping for a new or used RV and are drawn to one of our motorhomes for sale? Motorhomes make fantastic units for all-inclusive traveling: no towing vehicle needed! Still, if you’re wondering about the difference between Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, you’ve come to the right place. We can help explain the difference between motorhomes so it makes it easier to choose which motorhome is right for you.

Basic Differences

Besides how they look, there are a lot of differences between motorhomes! Size, amenities, and fuel economy are all factors to consider when deciding on a motorhome.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes typically range between 20 and 45 feet long, and usually have several slideouts. Class A motorhomes have that iconic long, cubic rectangular look to them – like a box of saltine crackers on wheels. You might see them at football games as teams travel, or families enjoy tailgating, like this Georgetown 7 Series Class A motorhome for sale!

Which Motorhome is Right for Me?

Class A motorhomes are fully loaded with luxury and can often accommodate up to at least 10 people comfortably! You’ll find less fuel economy with a Class A, but you’ll LOVE the trade off for the extreme amenity factor: like two full bathrooms, both interior and outdoor entertainment and kitchens, and more! Take a look at some of our Class A motorhomes for sale here.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are often called “camper vans” or “conversion vans.” They’re quite a bit smaller than their Class A colleagues, usually running between 18-24 feet in length, and typically having no slideouts at all. These accommodate smaller families and are ideal as a couple’s coach for awesome weekend getaways – like this Tofino Std. Class B motorhome for sale!

Which Motorhome is Right for Me?

Class B motorhomes will usually provide an incredible efficient interior design, with convertible bedding, a galley kitchen, and usually a full interior wet bath, which is great for avoiding public facilities! They’re also great when it comes to fuel economy. Check out our Class B motorhomes for sale here.

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes have the iconic shelf over the cab (it’s a bed). If you’re looking for a sweet middle ground between a Class A and a Class B, this may be the unit for you, like this Freelander Class C motorhome for sale!

Which Motorhome is Right for Me?

They combine a middle point of size – usually running 20-30 feet – and often have at least a couple of slideouts. They also tend to provide sleeping accommodations for families a bit larger than a Class B can provide for. Additionally, you’ll get that galley kitchen and interior bathroom and other interior amenities, and a fuel economy that’s fairly right in the middle. Check out and compare more of our Class C motorhomes for sale here.

Which Motorhome is Right for Me?

At the end of the day, that’s up to you! We can help show you around so that you can take the time to compare the differences between our Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes for sale. If you want total luxury on the road, you’ll probably want to look at our Class A motorhomes for sale. If you’re more of a minimalist, you’ll probably love one of our Class B motorhomes for sale. And if you’re somewhere between the two, definitely check out our Class C motorhomes for sale.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, but we can help you find just what you’re looking for. Stop in or contact us today!

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